Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Variety is the spice of leopard gecko life?

Leopard geckos feed primarily on an insect based diet. This diet keeps them active and interested in hunting most of the time. However wild leopard geckos eat all kinds of insects (anything that fits in their mouths) so

Feeding your leopard gecko the same type of prey week in week out can have an effect on the activeness at which it hunts prey. Feeding the same insects can make the gecko go off its food and not eat as much as it should.

Leopard geckos are usually easily stimulated by the variety of food on offer and by the way you present the food to them. Offer differrent types of prey to your gecko and you could see a more active hunter. I use a feeding schedule a little like the one below. It may be very basic with just 3 prey items but it has really been successful in stimulating natural hunting and my leopard geckos are very active hunters.

Sample Schedule

Monday: Locusts

Tuesday: Crickets

Wednesday: Locust (Waxworm every second week)

Thursday: Crickets

Friday: Locusts

Saturday: Crickets

Sunday: Locusts

This is a simple shecdule but you replace aspects with other live foods such as mealworm. So if your leopard gecko ever goes off its food, try them on something else. It could be bored with its current food and wants a change.


  1. thanks! I would like to give my gecko's a more varied diet but I'm pretty much stuck with crickets and mealworms.

    1. Really? There's so much you can feed them!
      My blog might help!

  2. hiya, i rescued a leopard gecko about 6 years ago when his owners got bored and stuck him in a cold dark conservatory without his light 'because he was too hot', yeah like he told them that. grr.

    so when pet sitting i decided to take him home and refused to return him.. i was heavily involved in animal rights at the time! my boyfriend at the time did all the research and Kid really came to life bless him.

    However over the last year or 2 he has got rubbish at hunting. I switched from crickets to locusts a few months back and this helped at first however now he is eating much less again.

    other than getting bored of the food could it be anything else? i worry the fact i dont handle him has had a negative effect on him but he was always a scared little mite probably due to being abandoned so i cant really handle him as he just wriggles and jumps out of my hands :-( other than that he seems ok always comes out and walks around and does eat on occasion just not as much as normal.

    sorry for the essay! thanks for any thoughts you might have!

  3. I was just wondering where you buy locusts? I have bought those canned grasshoppers because they don't touch them because they are dead and don't stimulate them at all. Was looking to try locusts :)

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