Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Where do leopard geckos come from?

Leopard geckos hail from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and North Western India. In these regions leopard geckos are generally found in arid and semi-arid (arid means low water levels from precipitation) rocky desert and plateau conditions. Although these conditions are mostly dry, they are however mostly dry with soil and not sand as it is commonly believed.  There is a misconception that desert = sand.

The conditions that wild leopard geckos face in these places are harsh, yet they thrive. During the day they hide under rocks to keep out of the sun so they don’t overheat or dehydrate due to the hot sun. It is cooler for them under the ground and here they lick water which has condensed under rocks which they lap up for moisture. During the night they come out to hunt on small insects and worms. They are preyed on by other animals however such as foxes, and rely on their only defence the ‘tail drop’ to get away.

Over the years however their habitat has been destroyed more and more by the toils of war. However leopard geckos are not on any endangered list thanks to the fact that captive breeding of the species has been very successful. 

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