Friday, 3 September 2010

Transporting Leopard Geckos Safely

Whenever you buy a new pet it is important to understand how to move it safely to and from its enclosure and prevent stress. This is true whether cleaning out the vivarium, moving house or transporting your leopard geckos to your new home. Leopard geckos are very easy to transport safely if you use the following guide.


A large see through Tupperware tub or cricket tub (if you have a young gecko) should suffice for most journeys. Just punch some holes into the top so air can circulate. Line the bottom of the container with paper towels. You can put in an item (such as a hide) from the vivarium if you want to so your leopard gecko has something is recognises with it,. I have found that this reduces the stress of moving in my leopard geckos. Don’t transport multiple leopard geckos in the same container as condition will get cramped.


Heat can be provided via a hot water bottle or heat pad underneath the container. This should provide adequate warmth below your leopard geckos. For very short trips a heat source might not be required (30 mins or less) but they are essential on longer trips. If using hot water bottles have a supply of hot water ready if it gets too cold.


Water isn’t really required when transporting a leopard gecko. I have read that it should be included but it just makes a mess of the container and it becomes too humid for the leopard gecko. I have found that they are fine without water for a few hours of so.

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