Friday, 23 July 2010

Have you got a male or female leopard gecko? How to sex your leopard gecko

Telling the sex of a leopard gecko is quite a tricky business. It’s very difficult to tell the sex of a leopard gecko when it is young which has often resulted in problems with some owners of multiple geckos. If you want to own multiple geckos and have them under one roof then get all females (unless you want little geckos) and learn to sex them yourself. Just accepting what suppliers and pet shops say is not always a good thing as mistakes can be made when they are young. The example below has happened a few times to unexpected owners!

“You love your two female leopard geckos and want to add to the family so you go down to your local pet shop has some new leopard geckos in! You pick out your favourite and ask to buy her. The pet shop clerk tells you that your new leopard gecko is a girl, so you can eventually put it in with your other girls in a great custom tank. You keep your leopard gecko quarantined for 3 months and it gets big, bigger than the other females. You think that it’s just well-built with a healthy appetite and think nothing of it. You finally put them in together and all is well for a few weeks, but you notice that your females have gotten fatter in the abdomen. Looking online you discover that they may be pregnant and after checking them out you find that they are. “

It’s a mistake that a lot of owners make by trusting what your supplier has said. However it is quite easy to tell a female from a male as long as they are at least six months old as the males and females are difficult to tell apart physically when they are under this age. Here are some of the ways you can sex your leopard geckos accurately.

1. Males have a row of ‘V’ shaped pores and a small bulge underneath
2. Females just have a vent
3. Generally females are much smaller than males and have smaller heads
4. Males are quite stocky in build

This is pretty much all the information you need to sex your leopard geckos.

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