Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Salmonella and your Leopard Gecko

The salmonella bacterium is carried by most animals and this includes reptiles. Due to this risk of infection all reptile owners need to be aware of the risk factors that could lead to them contracting salmonella from their own reptiles.

How can you contract salmonella?

The salmonella bacterium is usually the result of oral intake. This can occur when you eat or touch your mouth after touching your reptile or vivarium without washing afterwards. However the problem with salmonella bacterium is that it’s a survivor. It can survive on your hands, surfaces, clothing and this means that you can become infected without having to touch a reptile. This is why you should always promote cleanliness within your reptile environment.

How to prevent salmonella caused by reptiles

Using the proper precaution methods when handling and touching your reptiles is the best and most obvious way to prevent any illness occurring from salmonella bacteria.
1. Wash your hand before and after picking up your reptile. There are now specially designed hand washes to do this now, but simple soap and water should be just as good if done properly.
2. Make sure than your reptiles enclosure is kept clean by removing faeces every day (if there is any).
3. When cleaning the vivarium always use reptile safe disinfectants and make sure that you have cleaned the whole vivarium.
4. Try not to kiss your reptile…..
5. Always have some hand wash next to your reptile as this will mean that there is no excuse for not washing your hands.

By taking the precautions listed above you should be able to reduce the likelyhood of salmonella and still be able to enjoy your leopard gecko

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